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Healthy Hustle Program

My unique coaching methodology:

  • helps you understand how you got here and releases any guilt or shame you may be feeling
  • reconnects you to yourself and your loved ones so you can uncover your personal and family values, goals and priorities
  • create a new life vision and definition of success that uses those values, goals and priorities and encompasses your whole life, not just work
  • redefine a more well-rounded identity that supports professional success while honouring your personal goals and living more in alignment with your new life vision
  • shift your validation from external to internal so you are no longer driven by Power, Possessions, Position or the Perception of others and don’t rely on external factors for your happiness
  • teaches you how to create a “North Star” framework based on your values, goals and priorities to guide your actions and decisions
  • create a 2-5 year plan to bring your new life vision to life

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