“No one else understands what I’m going through.  How can you help me?

You’re right.  Unless you’ve been blindsided you can’t understand the internal chaos it causes. 

Google is filled with programs.  Most were created by people who’ve never been where you are.

They use a “one size fits all” approach that doesn’t work for you.

I have been there.  I remember how shitty it felt to try lots of things that didn’t work and go deeper into disappointment and self-doubt.

My focus is coaching overwhelmed women because I had to climb out of my own overwhelm many times. 

I realized it was a skill women needed to know and one I’d perfected.

“Where will I find the time?”

The last thing you need when you’re drowning is a PowerPoint presentation of the liferaft design.  

You need help quickly and in a way that doesn’t add to your overwhelm.  

That’s exactly why my programs are designed to be fast, easy and effective.  

“Survival Skills for Trying Times” teaches you how to flip the switch from chaos to calm in under an hour.  

You learn three simple techniques you can do anywhere and anytime.  

Each technique takes under 20 minutes to learn.  The lessons are online, so you can fit them into your day when it works for you.

It’s tailor-made for overwhelmed women.  No fluff, just quick results.

“Will this even work for me?”

You’ve tried a bunch of things and nothing worked. When you were blindsided your world was rocked and your brain went into “survival mode”.  Now, you’re stuck in overwhelm and no one has taught you how to get out.

“Experts” promise they have the answer for “just $297”.  They create a one-size-fits-all fluffy program and market it to the masses. 

It’s unlikely that any of those “experts” have been where you are.  Most have probably never even used their own system.  

I’ve been overwhelmed many times.  From unemployment, loss of loved ones to cancer I’ve had it all.  

Switching off survival mode to stop my emotions from running the show was the crucial step everything I tried skipped over. It was the reason nothing worked for me.

I bet everything you’ve tried missed that step too. 

By fielding more than my fair share of curveballs I discovered what worked and what didn’t and created the program “Survival Skills for Trying Times”.  

It gets you out of overwhelm fast and it’s the program I recommend everyone I coach starts with. 

The program starts with three easy techniques you can do anywhere to flip the switch in your brain.  

You get out of emotional overwhelm and into a calm, rational headspace in about 5 minutes.

“How can I afford coaching?”

Working with the right coach who can get you out of overwhelm quickly is a really smart investment.  

Your future plans are changing. You’ve probably got some really important decisions to make.  But you may not trust yourself to make good decisions right now.  

You may put off making decisions or make some without thinking them through.  Both could cost you. 

In two weeks, and for a bit more than the cost of a cut and highlights at your favourite salon, “Survival Skills for Trying Times” will get you trusting yourself to make difficult decisions again.

“What if I’ve never worked with a coach before?”

If you’re having flashbacks to Grade 6 when you worried about being picked last for sports you can relax. You don’t need any special skills to work with a life coach. 

The coaching process is pretty simple.  I start by asking questions to uncover your deep beliefs and desires. All you need to do is answer questions thoughtfully and honestly.  There’s no judgement and no right or wrong answer – only your truth.   

Many women find they’ve been living life based on what makes other people happy.  

Working with a life coach helps you make choices based on your dreams, not someone else’s.  

You deserve that.  We all do. 

“Do you limit the number of 1-on-1 clients you accept?”

Definitely.  It’s important to me that I not overcommit myself so I can show up for you with lots of energy and insight.  It’s also important to me to live a relaxed, happy life so I protect my personal time by not overloading my schedule.

“Your online schedule doesn’t offer a time that works for me.  Are you available at other times?”

Sure!  I’m open to considering other times.  Use the message box below to reach out and we can talk about options.

“Do you offer a payment plan?”

Yes.  Depending on the cost of the program you’d like to book we can break the cost into smaller payments.  Use the message box below and we can talk about options.

Need more answers?

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