Colleen Strong

Certified Master Life Coach

Are you ready to slow your hustle?


I help high-achievers how to slow the hustle that’s making them unhappy or unhealthy so they can fully enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard for.


I had to get cancer before I woke up and realized I was addicted to achievement, recognition and “the hustle” and had lost sight of what was truly important to me – time with my loved ones.


Don’t get me wrong – I respect the hustle.  I’m a hustler at heart!


You’re to be commended for sacrificing and working hard to get ahead; for wanting to give your family everything they deserve. Being a high-achiever is what created the financial independence that allows me to live an incredible life.  And let’s face it, hustle is essential when you’re starting out building a business or establishing your professional reputation.


But when the hustle isn’t necessary anymore, or when it is creating unhappiness or affecting your health then it’s no longer serving you.  You’ve got to learn how to slow it down enough to make room for fun, rest and a personal connections.


I work with people who are uber-successful but instead of loving their life they often feel alone, confused and frustrated. 


They’ve done all the right things:

  • worked hard in school and got good grades
  • chose a profession that ensured financial security
  • sacrificed personal and family time to climb the ladder of success
  • bought the big house and nice cars

But it never feels like it’s enough. 


The satisfaction of a promotion, nicer car or grand opening of a new business fades quickly and it’s back to the hustle in order to get the next “achievement rush”.


They are fully committed to their work mission and vision but have no idea what their personal vision and mission are.  Their energy and focus go to achieving their professional goals with little left for their personal life. 


They’ve sacrificed so much for so long that their professional role has become “who they are”. 


I get it. 

The allure of the recognition and rewards of the hustle can be addictive.

It was for me. 


If we gauge our success on external factors: Power, Position, Possessions, and the Perceptions of others we’re building our self-worth on shaky ground.  As the pandemic made clear, those things are temporary and can disappear in the blink of an eye.  And aren’t we worth more than our productivity?


Other people measure our success by how much money and “stuff” we have.  Step out of that formula and you’re judged.  Downsize your big house to live in a small condo and the whispers start.  Give up your high-paying job to stay home with your new baby and your friends are mystified or mortified. 


We’ve become conditioned to believe that hustle = success.  But when the lure of achievement outshines your personal values and priorities, and the hustle comes at great cost to your happiness, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re hustling because you’re passionate or because you’re addicted to it.



People come to me for coaching because they’ve realized they aren’t hustling for the right reasons anymore.  They know they need to change but they have no idea where to start. 

They want to be successful and fulfilled and also have a happy personal life. 

They want to be able to relax, have fun and enjoy life without checking their phone or e-mail constantly.   


But the thought of scaling back can be scary and overwhelming.   They need a guide; someone who has been in their shoes and figured out how to have professional fulfillment, financial security AND a full, happy personal life.


I spent over two decades hustling hard.  I built several multi-million dollar businesses.  To my friends and family my life was a success by all measures but I was deeply unhappy.  I tried to fix it by making some professional shifts to improve my personal life but I never really turned off my “hustle mode”.  Then I got cancer and was forced to really look at my life choices. 


Today my life is structured to build wealth, perform meaningful, rewarding work and have loads of fun with very little stress. As a Certified Master Life Coach it’s my passion to help other high-achievers create meaningful change (hopefully before they get a nasty wake up call) that results in a more authentic, happier, more balanced life.

How would it feel for you to:

  •  have a sense of balance back in your life?
  • look at work as just a part of your life not your whole life?
  • hustle & achieve but also rest & have fun – all without guilt?
  • get out from under the pressure of all your “stuff”
  • live your life based on your personal goals & values instead of what others will think?
  • feel a deep connection with the people you love
  • have a framework for your actions and decisions that ensures everything you do supports the life you want?
  • actually enjoy the fruits of your labours

You can have the life you deserve

My unique coaching methodology:

  • helps you understand how you got here and releases any guilt or shame you may be feeling
  • reconnects you to yourself and your loved ones so you can uncover your personal and family values, goals and priorities
  • create a new life vision and definition of success that uses those values, goals and priorities and encompasses your whole life, not just work
  • redefine a more well-rounded identity that supports professional success while honouring your personal goals and living more in alignment with your new life vision
  • shift your validation from external to internal so you are no longer driven by Power, Possessions, Position or the Perception of others and don’t rely on external factors for your happiness
  • teaches you how to create a “North Star” framework based on your values, goals and priorities to guide your actions and decisions
  • create a 2-5 year plan to bring your new life vision to life

You don’t have to choose between success and happiness.  

You can be successful both professionally and personally.  

Let me show you how.

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