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I work with women who’ve completed cancer treatment and instead of happiness feel stuck, angry and afraid.  Together we conquer their fear of recurrence & reclaim their joy.

Coaching for Cancer Survivors

You survived the hardest challenge of your life and instead of happiness you feel lost, alone, afraid and are wondering: 

  • if you’ll ever stop being terrified that your cancer will come back?
  • how you’ll ever accept your scarred body and welcome intimacy again
  • will you ever feel “normal” again?
  • if you’re even still YOU? 

This experience has changed you so much that you know you can’t go back to your old life but can’t begin to imagine how to create a new one.  

You KNOW you don’t want to waste a minute of the time you have left but you feel overwhelmingly stuck and unhappy which leaves you constantly frustrated and exhausted.  

You know you need help but nothing you’ve tried has worked and you’re starting to think that maybe nothing will…

Cancer changed you.  

Cancer can trap you in victimhood or be an amazing catalyst for positive change in your life.  I look back now at my cancer as a gift wrapped in barbed wire – it was painful to go through but my life is better because of it.  

How would it feel for you to release the fear, anger, sadness and look back on cancer as a gift? You can feel happy, peaceful, confident and optimistic again but it’s really difficult to do it alone.

I can help you:

  • to not be defined by cancer
  • find & use the gifts that cancer brought to your life
  • not only accept your changed body but love & honour it
  • stop letting fear rob you of joy
  • live a life where you are strong, in control & happy

After all you’ve been through, you deserve a joyful life.  

You don’t have to stay stuck and afraid.  You can use your cancer experience to fuel your dreams.  I know you can because I’ve done it.

Let me show you how.

I know how scared you are

When I finished treatment I was terrified. Would I be OK without constant medical supervision?  How would I know if my cancer came back?

I was living in fear, constantly on “high alert”, lashing out in anger and frustrated with myself for not getting on with the life I fought so hard for.  I’d made it through the hardest challenge of my life; what was wrong with me that I wasn’t happy?  I struggled to relate to friends and family because, after you face your own mortality, your bullshit tolerance goes waaay down (am I right?).   

I wondered if I’d ever feel ‘normal” again.   

But the changes I experienced weren’t all bad, in fact some of them were empowering. I figured, if I wasn’t sure how much time I had left, I was going to make darn sure I was happy for the duration.

I got really clear on what I wanted the rest of my life to look like, created a plan to make it happen and started to make small changes.

Today I can honestly say that my life is better than before cancer.

You too can have the life you want but you need help.

Not help from friends & family who’ve never been in your shoes.

Not help from a social media support group where everyone has the same struggles as you and no one knows how to fix them.

After all you’ve been through you deserve to be happy and I know you can get there with a coach like me, someone who’s been where you are and knows how to get to where you want to be.

But you don’t have to wonder if I can help you.  I offer a free discovery call so you can decide for yourself if I’m the coach for you (because the last thing you need is more disappointment).

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What I Do

Group Coaching Workshops

Who they’re for:

You’re interested in coaching but you’re not sure it’s for you.  You’re nervous about investing in private sessions (or think you can’t afford to).

Group coaching takes place in a private Facebook setting with a number of participants.  The program runs for a period of time with weekly coaching sessions.  You’ll have access to training videos, live Q&A sessions and lots of tools to support your learning.

Cost varies depending on length of the program.  Sign up for my e-mails to be notified of future programs.


Group + Private Coaching Hybrid Programs 

Who they’re for:

You like the format (and cost savings) of group coaching but can also see the benefits of 1-on-1 time with me.

Hybrid programs include the full group coaching workshop with a number of private coaching sessions added on at a discount.

Cost varies depending on the length of the program.  Sign up for my e-mails to be notified of future programs.


Private Coaching

Single Session – who they’re for:

  • You’re tired of feeling stuck, frustrated and scared and are committed to finding your joy again
  • You realize you can’t do this on your own and need the help of a coach who understands you
  • Maybe you’ve had a free call (and I dazzled you with my insight) but you’re still not 100% ready to commit to ongoing coaching

6 Session Package – who it’s for:

  • You’ve tried a single session (or two) and are seeing results for the first time in a long time and you want MORE (at a discount, because HELLO! who doesn’t love a deal?!)
  • Now you’re committed to action and to making ongoing changes to live your best life

Private coaching takes place online in a one-on-one format.  We’ll work together to set a goal (based on what YOU want) and create a strategy to achieve it.  You’ll receive ongoing support and lots of tools & resources to encourage your growth.  When you struggle I’ll be there to help you and make sure you don’t quit on your dreams.


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